04 March 2021 - Sumners would not stick his neck out for any operative who strayed from the task in hand and was more than capable of deserting one who did. The operative on the ground had the implicit advantage when it came to judgement and intuition and Sumners gave him the benefit of the doubt in most cases. It had to be said this subtle understanding was an unusual quality for an MI operations officer, especially for one like Sumners who had never set foot in the field or had any dirt-on-the-hands involvement in an operation. He wanted to know what the job was but also knew that asking would be a waste of breath. nikon coolpix s60 user manual Panasonic - Free ebook download as Excel Spreadsheet (.xls), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. order for schematic servies samsung mx d830 mini compact system service manual Within seconds the two lines clashed. Humayun slashed at Sher Shah with Alamgir but the sword slid harmlessly off his steel breastplate and in a moment the press of forces had separated them. Humayun urged his own mount towards him. Although hampered by the disorganised mass of wheeling, rearing and snorting horses with their riders slashing and striking at each other, Humayun reached the green-clad man. Face me and die like a man, not the slippery snake you are. With a cry of pain Tariq Khan dropped the axe and, as blood poured from his armpit staining his dark green clothing, he seemed to lose control of his brown horse which carried him off into the melee. In the annals of crimes against the state it ranks amongst the worst, equal to the tyranny of the despised Tarquin kings who built this very Curia in which we speak as free men. He was determined to face them, to look anyone who wanted to accuse him in the eye, so he uncrossed his legs and sat forward, as if prepared to leap to his feet and demand the floor. Rumours abound that one of our number has taken a political difference and transformed it into a criminal act. Rumours, fellow senators, levelled against Lucius Falerius Nerva.

She tells me her cousin was married to you for a time. What does ancient history have to do with anything. boeing 737 flight management computer manual Did you know he was a shortstop for a farm club. Triple A division:" Her voice lowered to a strained whisper. There was even talk of Frank going into the majors. Then he got in a skiing accident, screwed up his knee. Even after the accident, he was never bitter. He wanted to hear more but decided against asking anything else. He got to his feet, nodded a thanks to both men, neither of whom were looking at him, and went outside. Water dripped off the porch and the leaves on the trees. The air outside was refreshing after the damp room and cigar smoke.

The smell would also serve as a beacon and bring in any bear that caught a tantalizing whiff. She was stirring the stew, and glanced up. A thicket provided the brush for the sides. When they were done it was eight feet long and four feet deep. Fargo had two helpings plus four cups of scalding hot coffee. briggs stratton 550 manual - Sell, development, translation of service manuals, user manuals, part catalogues and other technical instructions for audio/visual equipment, home appliances, computers and other devices. Our webstore accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX transactions on-line.Why we provide Panasonic Air Conditioner CS-CE9GKEW Air Conditioner manual in PDF file format?. PDF’s are incredibly convenient and are easy to open and read by everyone, regardless of whether they have a PC or Mac. A PDF can be compressed into a file size that is easy to email while still maintaining the quality of the images. ducati 600ss repair manual He picked up scraps of conversation. All of them in brightly colored shorts and polo shirts. start your own computer business with the owners manual english edition Cocking the hammer as he drew, he squeezed off a single shot. The slug cored Zeck between the eyes, shattering his nose and blowing off the top of his skull in a spray of hair, bone, and gore. Draypool, Harding, Garvey, and the other League member fired an uneven volley, peppering the air with lead.

The calculus of war is abhorrent, but inescapable. The squadron had trained together for a year. Their bonding was stronger than family. Medics in bunker three vestibule acknowledge…. Squads at entryways to all bunkers acknowledge. Now he took a deep breath, his throat painfully constricted with grief, waiting for something to explode - or for everything to simply go dark and useless, inert, which would be just as bad. chevy silverado 2010 2500hd shop manual When he had greeted her, she said: "How many people there are in the garden. You can lower the shade on your side and you will be well concealed. jet bot service manual It took Nate a moment to focus on where the waters churned. He fingered the telescopic lenses to bring the image closer. Within the roiling waters, he spotted flashes of large fins-dolphins caught by the razor-toothed predators-and in brief flickers, the silvery flash of the deadly fish themselves as they fought over their meal. Were the waters here so thick with piranhas that the Indians themselves feared to travel the rivers at night.

About what he was like on the surface, that is. What was underneath is a mystery, of course. He wondered why on earth nobody had offered him anything to eat. Somebody must have been lying in wait. That was most unusual, I gather. We talked about it among the staff. panasonic for business Assembly Tools Automotive A/V Solutions Avionics Biomedical Commercial Food Equipment Communication Systems Computers & Tablets Document Management/Imaging Eco Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning Medical imaging POS & Wireless Headsets Professional Displays Professional Video Projectors Ventilation Products Video yamaha ra700bu 1997 factory service repair manual The defector and Aardvark dared not discuss more than that it exists. And without getting Peapod or Salih killed. And while you plan, also take account of Russian and Israeli operatives in the immediate area, who are very interested in our man. Though they were naturally competitive, and welcomed very difficult assignments, this particular one seemed over the top. holden commodore workshop manual free download Saucy McBride was waiting inside to attend to unfinished business, but he could not very well ignore the threat to Draypool. Hoping Saucy would understand if he kept her waiting, Fargo shadowed the shadower. It was not hard to do in the crowded street. Fargo had never been inside, but he had been told that the lobby boasted a crystal chandelier, plush carpet, a mahogany front desk, and brass fixtures.

A motive would have to be found, which could lead to a scrutiny of the goings-on in the prison. If the feds learned that Gann was possibly involved his past would come flying out of the closet and he would never see the light of day again. Everything would be fine as long as the incident looked like an accident. 2016 repair manual chevrolet avalanche Often she caught him looking at her but never once had she seen anything in his eyes that gave her encouragement. A hint of desire or even a thin smile would be nice, but there was never anything remotely like interest, it was just as if he happened to be staring in her direction. Her feelings about him might well be confused but she was sure of one thing: there was hope for Spinks while he was up there. Stratton gave everyone that kind of feeling. When he was part of your team, on an op, when his calm, strong voice came over the radio, you knew you were on a winning team. She wondered if it was nothing more than simple hero worship she felt for him. clark michigan 35 g service manual When we leave, we need to make sure we collect a generous sample. Nate doubted anyone else heard her. Then we have a working plan for now," Sergeant Kostos said by the door. He pointed around the room and assigned missions for each of them. At daybreak, Kouwe and Anna, our Indian experts, will act as Intel.

Even when he was dead, she wanted to mother and protect him. She kissed me on the cheek with her warm, wet face, then clutched my hand. volkswagen vw routan chrysler rt grand caravan town county complete workshop service repair manual 2 He wore a multi-pocket fishing waistcoat over his camouflage shirt, a floppy hat on his head and the only weapon he appeared to have was a pistol in a holster on his hip. His dress and bearing alone singled him out from the others. It appeared that he was the one in charge. 1962 evinrude 4hp repair manual Partly, he wanted the sun to keep beating down and burn up the pimp. Other than a dull headache, a dry throat, and the stench of sweat over his body. The tea was sweet and laced with hot mint. You got the scent of those carney bastards, huh.

He had not peed himself out of fear but simply because no one had thought of taking him to a toilet and he had been too embarrassed and shy to ask. The images of his slaughtered village and the screams of his family being gunned down were still quite vivid. He quickly picked it up and held it carefully. It was only in his later life that he had begun to wonder what they had been like. As he grew older he better understood the difficult circumstances of his youth and the pressures his father must have been under, the constant fighting and periods of cold and hunger. zanussi df 50 30 repair service manual user guides Left her a bruised and broken woman. Her aim being what it was, the lamp on my nightstand went flying. The lampshade landed at my feet. She rushed out the door, leaving an eerie silence in her wake. 2012 ford f15owners manual free As usual Sumners was trying to wind him up and Stratton would not dignify the attempt with any sort of reaction. I need someone to keep an eye on you. As he did so Mike stepped through the black curtains and Jason Mansfield walked in behind him. There was an air of authority about him. He looked at the CO for a reaction. The man was far too professional to give him one.

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A hundred yards southeast of the camp, where the prairie rose away from the streams, a good fifty mustangs milled in a broad brush corral. They grazed or trotted friskily, whipping their manes in the breeze. But then, the Trailsman knew that locating her amongst a group this size would be at least half as hard as rescuing her. Then, if you get a shot at Duke, take it. Jung put a slice of cheese on a cracker and waited. Leopold was an afterthought, as they say. I was seventeen when he was born. Both Jacques and I had left home by the time he started school. He and Dad were the only ones left. Typical of the kind of decision civilians made. Just because Mackay knew more about how the SBS operated, that qualified him to be in charge, did it. Only a military specialist would know that the terrain made no difference. A specialist was a specialist on land or sea. The only difference was a little technique when it came to certain environments.

He propped his hand on the ground and went to rise, but a rifle was pointed at his chest. In reality, he was girding himself, and when Howell glanced at Sten and Mary, he exploded into motion. Drawing as he rose, Fargo fired from the hip and shot Howell smack between the eyes. He swiveled again, saw Lear jerk his rifle, and fanned two swift shots that jolted Lear off his feet. He lunged for it but the club was faster. No indication that new silo crews have arrived. We can still set up our roadblock and waylay the crews and interrogate them. More troops have dismounted from BTR outside of gates. Troops are walking with vehicle as it proceeds. Troops are prodding underbrush with AK-Seventy-fours with fixed bayonets. Next go-round, they have me for sure. It was armored, and double glazed. Special plate under chassis absorb even land mines. He saw a plate protecting most of the underside of the vehicle. Draws attention, and harder for you to see out at night. New gas, like halon, but not toxic…. Chassis, suspension strengthened, engine new, two hundred fifty horsepower, whole drive train new.

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Challenger steadied up on zero three five true. The Axis must have an improved mod in the field. Useful Intel if we live to share it. PANASONIC - CS ME10DTEG & E15DB4EW & ME7DKEG & ME10DD3EG & ME7DKRG & ME7DKDG - Air Conditioner - Service Manual - Pages PANASONIC - CS ME7CB1P & ME10CB1P & ME12CB1P & ME14CB1p & ME10CD3P & ME15CD3P - Service Manual - Pages solution manual quantum mechanics concepts and Then the mercenary pushed his face into the cot, trying to force Aquila to lie face down. He fought hard but the man was all muscle. ramo solutions manual She stood on spindly legs that seemed hardly thick enough to support her weight, and she was dressed in a loose pullover dress made of a gray colored fabric. She was standing by the opening to the kitchen, and holding a small laser pistol in her right hand.

The other three windowless walls were covered in various maps and collages ranging over a plethora of military subjects, such as land navigation, booby-traps, explosives formulas and survival techniques. The team was responsible for the training of all things to do with Special Boat Service procedures out of water. It was all very quiet and sunny. 2018 ford diesel service manual Your own uncle seized the city by force. Why should the citizens look kindly on any aggressor. With the grand vizier they at least know what they have. 1963 1973 mercruiser engines drives repair manual My heart was beating fast, and the effects of the wine disappeared altogether. I remembered that Bilbao was in Basque country and that terrorist attacks were common. I looked around frantically for a means of escape, hoping that by some miracle a police car would appear. Instinctively, I clutched at his arm-but he pulled away. For a few minutes the silence was broken only by the sound of the rain and the sobs of the man kneeling on the sidewalk.

But her engine plant was so old, and her hull so worn by metal fatigue, that the company which ran her now dared not send her on the high seas. There were shallow areas - banks and shoals - in almost every direction. Meltzer was a tough kid from the Bronx, and a Naval Academy graduate, and Jeffrey liked him. Mines are a lesser risk for now than breaking stealth with sonar noise. samsung ua58h5200 repair service manual user guides You felt kind of regal or special-or at least a country girl did-riding around in the backseat of what was really a chauffeur-driven vehicle. Or at least that was how she imagined it. It was a huge new fridge, and all the guy had in it was a dried-out apple, some cottage cheese that was already three weeks beyond the fresh date and smelled like it, and one lone egg that sat pathetically in the back, like a deserted child. Unless she planned to dine on salt and sugar, she was out of luck. Something that would fortify her for what would probably be a long night ahead. As if the skim milk would compensate for the pie and the cheeseburger. owner manual for yamaha fz1 The mighty walls of the Palace shivered. A few seconds later, the earth itself began to quiver. From around the city, he could hear the sound of screams and shouts as the night-time revellers realised that something terrible was happening.

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He had seen men die before: gunshots, helicopter crashes, drowning. But nothing compared to what he had witnessed today. It was something out of a nightmare. He took a deep drag on the cigarette. It was distracting with the two women among them. After setting up camp, he had covertly spied upon the Asian scientist as she had stripped out of her khaki jacket. case 550g crawler operators manual download 2010 volkswagen eos service repair manual software, club cart engine diagram, 2007 nissan altima hybrid workshop service repair manual download, mitsubishi engine 4m41 service shop workshop manual, my generation farrell antony guinness vivienne, philips 32pfl5404 service manual, trade like a casino weissman richard l, 3 out 2 in fundamentals of engineering economics solutions manual I was told you were expecting me. A moment later the door was unlatched and opened wide enough for the man to look out. sharp xl dh20nh micro component system service manual She sat gazing stonily at a new hunter who sounded like she was having trouble understanding the monetary restrictions on her catch. Says here you only get sixty if this particular catch is live.

He had found at least one reason why Raz had chosen this place. It was surrounded by a high wall on all sides that backed on to well-lit streets, private gardens and a school that was in itself surrounded by a high-fenced wall. Basically, it would need only a small surveillance team to watch all possible exits and there was little doubt Raz would have that covered. You ran away instead of doing what needed to be done with Yuki. She had her car keys in her hand and was giving them a strange look. Instead he stood stoically and nodded, blinking a couple times. She dialled the shop and silently begged for her mom to pick up. ge disr473dgdww repair service manual user guides It was the strategy of his rank and position but also embedded in his character. Stratton could not imagine him having a single close friend and wondered if he had a wife and children. There was no evidence to suggest that he could possibly get close to anyone. And Stratton could not see Jervis sharing a single idea with anyone unless he expected to get something in return. To tell you the truth, I quite liked the idea of MI16 having an operational licence.

Recently, floating-wire-antenna technology has been developed to the point where the wire is able to transmit as well as receive, allowing two-way radio communication while the submarine is completely submerged. Such data can be valuable in locating and identifying passive sonar contacts, especially when tonals (see below) stand out within the display. Modern undersea acoustic communication systems translate the message into digital high-frequency active sonar pulses, which can be frequency agile for security (see above). Data rates well over one thousand bits per second, over ranges up to thirty nautical miles, can be achieved routinely. To Clodius, the more he thought about it, the greater his sense of injustice. Here he was, on short rations half the time, stuck in the middle of nowhere, under a false name, at the beck and call of anyone who cared to order him to do anything, including die a painful death, all this while his wife kept the means of his deliverance locked away and lavished on a strange child the affection that should properly, as her husband, have come to him. It was hard to recall that he had once looked forward to raising him like his own son. 199toyota corolla sevice manual One of my best friends when I was growing up was an Indian boy. You must understand, it has been quite a while since I saw him last.

He fell away from Danny, clutching what was left of his face. Peter shoved his swords into the backs of the men on either side of Danny and snatched the boy free. Hauling him away, pushing him up the trail. Peter got one foot back under him when something hit him on the back of the skull. The Horned One had come to guide him to Otherworld. offensive line manual They were two families with several children and they all looked as frightened as him. When the knife had been drawn across his neck the windpipe had been cut but the blade had not penetrated deeply enough to sever the two arteries either side. Not sure I coulda took part in such a gruesome task. Need to get ourselves busy digging graves.

The two guards got to their feet and the tall one lifted his tunic and pissed against the feet of one of the crucified men, the stream of water playing up and down the broken legs. He was laughing all the time, making jokes that Aquila could not hear. The small fellow was tidying up their little camp and once he had finished they both picked up torches and started towards Gadoric and his companions. Aquila froze, then slipped out his knife and jammed it in the ground in front of him as he saw the man swing the long-handled hammer onto his shoulder. Never seen a crucifixion before, had he. Did you notice that trinket he had around his neck. kia magentis 2001 workshop repair service manual Kampfschwimmer were heading toward the upper falls. The German objective crew-served weapon immediately retaliated. Felix heard a scream rise from the rubble of his hotel. He said the sniper was dead, and the. He had to shout constantly to be heard over all the noise. The cells were to remain asleep until given orders to become operational. The gathering, which included other cell commanders, was held on a country estate a few miles inside Afghanistan on the Kandahar road beyond the Spin Boldak border checkpoint. It was like there had been a complete changing of the command guard. Many of the new leaders were younger than their predecessors and were far more politically savvy.

Her hair had been pulled back with a rolled green handkerchief that served as a headband. Both banks were thick with dense walls of vegetation: vines, palms, bushes, mosses, stranglers, and ferns. The river itself was about thirty feet across, a featureless silt brown flow. 1997 2015 ssangyong korando workshop service manual Now it resounded to the clashing of swords, instead of the calls of the traders and any pained shouts came from soldiers, not abused and fractious camp wives. The ragged children who had run half-naked through the streets were gone too, leaving the horses free from torment. It was a clear message that this was to be their parting point and that she was not coming inside. Once again Bill was hurt by the rejection even though it saved him doing the same to her. He began to wonder why she had come to see him in the first place. She had already decided she would remain affectionate towards him, not because of any urge to but it was the least suspicious thing she could do.

But the Garonin have found a way to tap into it. They are drawing off huge amounts of mana, direct from the Heart. Hirad was right: I was literally having the life sucked out of me. cat 416c hydraulic system manual All four wore brown uniforms with silver buttons. The judge has been expecting you, and your usual room is ready, as are rooms for these other gentlemen. As he likes to say, we are his property now and forever. He noticed Fargo watching him, and smiled at the butler. The old centurion was well aware how good he was, had seen him take Toger with a spear. Phoebe said nothing, not knowing what he was talking about. He made me look a fool, but I can spare his brat, trade one life for another, which will appease the Gods. Flaccus watched her go, then emptied the contents of his goblet, which had stood by his side throughout the night, onto the black earth.

The air in the control room kept getting stuffier and stuffier. So far, he was satisfied with the performance of his new ship and his crew. Schneider read different displays, to update himself on the overall situation. Acknowledgments were duly made, the junior officer vacated his seat, and Schneider sat down at the command console. To slow once he reached his station outside Durban, Schneider ordered all machinery to suddenly be turned off. haynes repair manual nissan sentra 2015 Of the tables that held four people, only three had as few as three people at them. Of the tables for two, only Henry sat alone. But Henry appeared to have considered this close-range exchange of intimacies as essential and, in the circumstances, Harlow would have found it hard to disagree with him. The silence in the dining-room that evening was more in the nature of a cathedral hush, one that could not have been attributed to a beatific enjoyment of die food which was of a standard to earn for the Austrians the most astronomical odds against in the culinary stakes. It was plain to Harlow, as it was plain to all present, that the very fact of his being there had an almost totally inhibitory effect on normal conversation. Carruthers had been a faddist in his time. I remembered myself how the ground-floor windows were elaborately bolted and shuttered, and how the doors of all the rooms opening upon the square inner hall were fitted with extra Yale locks, at an unlikely height, not to be discovered by one within the room.

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He fought to control his features so that Timeon could not see that he had inflicted any pain. The tutor enjoyed delivering physical punishment and the young son of his master was the prime target. He took more care with the others, lest their parents, angry at their treatment, withdrew them from the class, for the same Lucius Falerius, who would nod with approval as Timeon outlined the number of strokes he had administered to Marcellus, would leap into a towering rage if he lost a pupil and the revenue that loss entailed. The Greek knew how much he had cost to buy. The tutor obliged, this time the sapling whacked the youngster across the upper arm. lexus es300 repair manual service Except it did not have to go that way. He had not killed the man Otto, they would let him go and these men, Clovis and these men who would kill him here, he would never see them again. He could breathe outside and sit and feel the river air on him as he fished in the shade and ate egg sandwiches, jump a rabbit with a. He could leave here, lie under the covers warm with Lee with her legs holding them up like a tent, smell of her smooth skin the slight rough patch between her legs. He wanted to tell Gann he was the biggest idiot he had ever met but the satisfaction might come at an unacceptable price. He inspected the scar closely again, pulling at the skin lightly to test its elasticity. He pulled the sterile wrapping from a scalpel and positioned it over the skin. Gann leaned forward to get a closer look.

Clusters of green-black flies were already forming around its mouth and nostrils and on its many wounds. Some crossed the river where it is low, about a quarter of a mile from here, to the opposite bank where some of your troops still are. Remembrance of the fight and his wound came back to him. Humayun drank quickly, then asked for more. With each gulp he felt life returning to him. How did you know I was your emperor. panasonic tx l37dt30y service manual and repair guide Instead he was shivering as if the world around him were coated with ice. He could scarcely believe Bairam Khan was dead. She had been angrier than he had ever seen her on hearing that he had dismissed his commander-in-chief. Mandrick knew soldiers and Gann did not even begin to fit the profile. What Gann did for the company required a pedigree far more ominous than any that the Marines could provide. The inmate suffered a paralysing injury when a piece of machinery fell on his back and in that same week the guard was involved in a fatal alcohol-related traffic accident.

I have let myself and you, as well as my father, down. You no longer allow your mind to be distracted by pleasure or idle musing. They have brought in men from all over our own lands. Those pale-skinned men over there are from Ghazni. oregon scientific rm818pa clocks manuals A motive would have to be found, which could lead to a scrutiny of the goings-on in the prison. If the feds learned that Gann was possibly involved his past would come flying out of the closet and he would never see the light of day again. Everything would be fine as long as the incident looked like an accident. He looped the strap attached to the small diving bottle over one shoulder and faced the emergency escape tube. Water was streaming in through the gap in the open door to the main cabin and had reached the opening to the tube. He took a breath, dipped below the surface, reached up into the tube and pulled himself inside. He could think of another explanation. Perhaps it was Vasily who had been rumbled. The windows along its fuselage became clear as well as its markings. Vasily instinctively took some weight off the accelerator and the car slowed a little.

He stepped to one side of the reinstated pitchman and hollered down at the HawkEye soldier, who was patching a rent in the wall at the zoo level. Border control was non-existent either across the mountain range or beneath it. triumph sprint st owners manual He crawled beneath the cadaver, curled up in the bottom of the boat, and began to claw at his own face. It came from everywhere, from the very land itself. Lord Thornaby, however, was not to be amused by the elaboration of his own idea, and it was with some asperity that he called upon the butler, now solemnly superintending the removal of the cloth. Just send up-stairs to see if all. I had not hitherto observed that the man was an asthmatic. Bedroom door - dressing-room door - both locked inside.

The shock of earlier events lingered in the slight shake of his hands. Every so often, he took a sip from a beaker of Jackogin. He nodded, as if reassuring himself of the fact. manitou msi 25 d e2 buggie forklift workshop service manual Now he lay on his bunk, staring at a photograph of himself and his brother. The picture was intact, but there was a crack in the glass. The crack ran lengthwise and divided the two brothers from each other. Raikes, Ord, and various crewmen from both ships were gathered around a table upon which a dead alien warrior was lying. Clumps of men advanced a handful of yards, then were driven back. From there we control the Rocks by fire. He was forced to shift his position. In their black suits, everyone looked the same, but Felix had too visibly been acting like an officer. He peeked from around a rough, charred boulder and caught fleeting glimpses of movement on Northeast Rock, black against the black there.

Their demand that you die is one that no friend should ask of another. Spells arced away to strike the Garonin machine where it hung directly above the tower complex. Coming through the blasted streets, a large force of Garonin drew heavy fire from the east walls. His hands twitched and a low growl escaped his mouth. And Diera was glaring at her husband. Auum did likewise, giving Densyr a telling look as he turned away to join her. indmar marine repair manual The weather forecast was good, and he could already see it would be a nice day. The lightening sky was clear and azure blue, with scattered high fluffy clouds that glowed pink in the sunrise. The sunrise was happening fast, even as Felix watched through the digital periscope display. The rest of the kampfschwimmer group, and their equipment, were already loaded. Beck drank hot tea, Von Loringhoven black coffee. Whale One, this is Dolphin Four. Instead home on my IFF, retrieve dolphin team at my location now. Jeffrey and Clayton dragged Otto into the back and strapped him into a seat. Otto was coming round, so SEAL Two checked his vital signs and gave him another morphine shot. They returned to the pressure chamber and helped Ilse stow the critical equipment bags, the ones with lab records and missile parts and the captured walkie-talkie. Jeffrey went into the forward compartment.

  • Model CS-E7GKEW CS-E7GKDW CS-E9GKEW CS-E9GKDW CS-E12GKEW CS-E12GKDW CS-E15GKEW CS-E15GKDW CS-E18GKEW CS-E18GKDW CU-2E15GBE Pages 77 Size 5.54 MB Type PDF Document Service Manual Simplified Brand Panasonic Device Air Conditioner / AIR CONDITIONER File cs-e7gkew-cs-e7gkdw-cs-e9gkew-cs-e9gkdw-cs-
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He said it was the strangest experience. He was on a decompression stop after a deep dive off a barge somewhere in Africa. You know, hang around for ten or fifteen minutes at thirty feet to prevent the bends. One of the boat workers accidentally knocked a shackle off the edge of the barge. The shackle smashed his face mask. More human than elf in their last moments. Hanging on to material things when the elven nation was reverting to that which it had been for long periods of its history. The power-jolt, that final look of surprise before the lights went out. Then, out front to the street, trying car doors until he found the lock that matched the keys. His Mideast safari almost over, why not squeeze out every bit of pleasure before moving on to the next project. Found costume changes, identity changes-dumbfuck thought he knew how to play that game. An affront to the Schwann-code, it was up to him to avenge it. Improvisation was fine if you did it with style.

Five, six, sometimes as many as ten. But as they backed up to take another run, the tree trunk shifted and began to roll to the side as several of the trolls collapsed onto their knees. This is no place for bows and arrows. The truth was that he had not given any thought to their taking part in this conflict because he had never really expected to go into the camp during the battle. He wanted to tell the Indians that they were all leaving together for the border. But before he could say the words they jammed in his throat. In the briefest instant before the Showmaniese giant brought his fist crashing down, Hellequin saw the reactions of those around him. How the Jeridian braves looked to Asenath for confirmation they were fighting on the right side. How the Showmaniese faltered, mid-brawl, their black eyes pinned wide. How Nim stared across the emotional miles that separated them.

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Quite frankly, Reyes Farrow could bite my ass. Holy crap, I hated being tortured. And more than anything, I hated getting my friends killed. I think he felt guilty about using you like that. They were releasing me on my own recognizance. Uncle Bob was helping me with a pair of slippers as Cookie retrieved a robe out of the closet. If nothing else, I should get a plate of homemade cookies out of the deal, as Mrs. In the very next moment, I heard an odd thump. kenmore 790 7562000 repair service manual user guides She chuckled to herself as she pulled the blanket down. Stratton was immediately aware of a change in her. Christine started to relax and although she was breathing heavily at first she calmed down to a normal level and lay quietly against him. He elected to pass on his drink for the moment and replaced the cap. I was in and out of dizziness a few times. It made him even more attractive to her and she kissed him gently on the side of his mouth.

In the end, it was he who convinced Laurel to make the elixir. He who convinced her that it was my right to choose. Jan 26, 2020 inis manual for subject analysis manual for subject analysis A man who is hoping to be our next senator. A hometown hero and pillar of the community. Bigwigs had to follow the constructs of the law just like medium-sized and little wigs. 2013 lexus gs 350 owners manual free You knew something was very wrong. But tell us about the day Isis disappeared. I consider that a seminal moment. My tormenter, whoever it is, took things to the intolerable level with that dirty trick. First, though, I smell something wonderful, so perhaps we could chat over dinner.

Udaloy has gone active with hull-mounted Horse Jaw. The tactical plot showed her slowing, reducing her self-noise to get clearer sonar returns. Three more grenades went off, much closer. A junior enlisted man let out a yelp as three more grenades went off, closer still. Whatever sensor data zeroed them in on this location could just be dismissed as a false alarm, or a whale. The longer we stay here, the better their chance to be certain they have a non-Russian sub in their sights. zx10r 2016 user manual 2008 yamaha motorcycle yzfr6xc service repair manual The Roman crowd did not roar, as they would for a conquering hero coming to the heart of Rome garlanded by success in war, but they did gasp at the sheer quantity of precious jewellery that adorned these gorgeous, dark-skinned creatures. Behind the ambassadors, their escort carried with them gifts for the people, each valuable object borne on a velvet cushion, these greeted with applause by a population who knew they would never see them again. Then, recovering his clearheadedness, he saw his other self sitting on the edge of the bed, still in his coat, mesmerized as she moved back slightly and undid her jeans, arching her back like a beautiful young animal. He watched her with a kind of internal, benevolent wink, with a familiar indulgence both weary and skeptical. Then she lifted her arms and took off her T-shirt. She did it naturally, neither flirtatious nor indifferent. She kept her calm, sweet eyes on him until her T-shirt covered her face.

Someone would have had to inspect it to know about it. Find out if any digs have been planned in the area, any groups taken on hikes down there within the las year or so. He gal tired of being watched, finally agreed to a polygraph. Tel Aviv will do it and send us the report. This Butcher shit is wiping them out financially. dell 1355 printer manual Whatever they feared or disliked about Abed, it was agreed he was an exceptional warrior. Besides, not one of them would have wanted the position of leading Abed. He knew exactly where it would be as soon as he heard the words. Abed would not be certain it was their target until they were close enough to read the name on the side, and by then they would be well into their boarding procedures. They would also be in danger of a crewmember seeing them and Abed did not want to take that risk with the wrong ship as there was a chance a warning might be sent to the coastguard about two unidentified small boats in the area. Crews were more aware these days as piracy was on the increase, and also because of the new United Nations-led international ship security codes implemented since the September Eleven attack. cessna 100 series service manual 1963 to 1968 150 172 That was the number agreed between Victor and Marlo. If there were more we would let them pass. They wore expressions on their faces that ranged from unease to resolve as they checked their weapons and adjusted ammunition pouches. There was scant sign of any military expertise about them but they seemed determined enough. He was ready to leave but the motive to do so, the impulse that would push him over the edge and make him go, was not yet sufficiently compelling.

This was vital to the future of the cell. Dinaal knew he had to take it extremely seriously. He stole the weapon from the military without them knowing who had done it. owners manual for c90 His expense account, for example, swelled beyond recognition. I began to wonder if he ever paid for anything himself. Conservative by nature, I tended to leave everything I could in the business. It was obvious to everybody but me apparently that my wife Sylvia and I had nothing in common anymore. She had taken up the bar scene-the leper colony I referred to earlier-abdicating, as I saw it, her responsibilities as both wife and mother. Fortunately, our kids were old enough that they could accept the inevitable. 1995 cal spa service manual Once through the carved wooden doors that the guards opened immediately to him, Salim saw his father unbuckling his ceremonial sword. Suddenly he felt his confidence dip and hesitated, uncertain what to say or indeed whether to leave as quickly as he had come. If you sit on that stool over there and wait a moment while I change my clothes I will give you the answer you deserve. His father completed his change and washed his hands and face in a gold bowl of rosewater held out by one of his young attendants before dismissing them with a wave of his hand and sitting down on another stool near his son. I was so surprised that you wished to leave a city that you yourself had built only recently at such cost to honour the great seer Shaikh Salim Chishti as well as to celebrate the birth of my brothers and myself and your great victories in Gujarat and Bengal. I heard one of the courtiers say something about the water supply.

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Sometimes dragons became rebellious just for the sake of it, and that might prove disastrous this morning. They might be waiting for her even now. Well, if they were, they would be in for a surprise. Ironfang was a war-dragon, and a fierce one. A badly fitted saddle and harness might be fatal once she was in the air. He had expected more of his eldest son. It describes how the Christians worship a man nailed to a wooden cross. Slowly he took the piece of paper and unfolded it. briggs and stratton repair manual 09g902 Startled by the sudden intrusion he wheeled around to see Jervis, head of MI6 operations. Everyone in the room had frozen: some kind of power play was happening before their eyes. They could only remain still and watch to see what developed. He was an experienced man in the business, and knew Jervis well enough.

It is death:" The shaman made a gesture to ward against evil spirits, blowing across his fingertips, then left with Henaowe in tow. He had heard whispers of the Ban-ali, one of the mythic ghost tribes of the deep forest. A frightening people who mated with jaguars and possessed unspeakable powers. In the jungle, dehydration, more than any-thing, was often the factor between life and death. The old garage filled with junk they had first kept him in had a hole in the roof. Then after a drive inside a box for an hour or so he found himself in a dank room, which he presumed was a basement without any light other than the one that was switched on whenever someone came into the room. He estimated he had been in that place for three days but if he had been told six he would not have been surprised. A few years back he had taken part in an interrogation exercise in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and was kept in a dark cell for two days with just food and water. Light and darkness were alternated, anything from minutes to hours between them, and when the exercise was over he thought he had spent three days more in the cell than he actually had. The thought of escape was always on his mind of course, but the opportunity had not yet presented itself. rca instruction manuals He said he was going to learn about the world, that his dreams lay beyond the fields of Soria. Every now and then he would send me a letter, but he never returned to the paths and forests of our childhood. I enrolled in the university and found a boyfriend. I began to study for a scholarship (I was working as a salesgirl to pay for my courses).

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Getting onto the platform, for instance. And Jason going to Russia with me. Yet he had no control over some of the most important leaps in the series of events. tektronix 465 oscilloscope service operating manual x10 vt32a owners manual He was aware Kinsella could just be fishing. A moment ago you sounded as if they did know. Or end up getting executed by one of their assassins. Sure you might even get your statue put up one day. The tanker had become an enormous wave-making machine. He looked over the side to see one of the VSVs coming around the stern.

The motor was beginning to sound as if it might fail when the entire door shuddered and then cracked open. The motor picked up and as the gap widened a bright light flooded the rock walls. The water rushed in through the gap to fill a space on the other side and when the door was open wide enough to let a man through the motors went silent. He turned on a flashlight and aimed it up at the sensor as he backed out of the doorway. Stratton grabbed the hand holding the torch, almost giving the man a heart attack. As he cried out, Stratton covered his mouth. sharp lc 32bd60u 37bd60u service manual repair guide 2016 honda deauville manual He was strolling toward the churchyard, an unpleasant sight with his shirt unbuttoned down to his navel and a garishly colored handkerchief knotted over his head. A sort of restrained, contented grimace that could hardly be overlooked. Certainly not by somebody who had been around for as long as Münster had. Münster waited, but the chief inspector said nothing more. Simply dig down into her purse, pull out a bundle of notes and tell the dolled-up slut to shove the change up her ass. Without him she would soon be without an apartment and without any work, that was for sure. Now, Ahmed Khan, blindfold him once more and keep him in close but comfortable confinement in your headquarters. Jauhar, summon my council to meet me here an hour before sunset. In the meantime ask Salima to join me. She would know how to slake it and clear his mind to concentrate on the discussions ahead. When his council assembled, Humayun felt relaxed, almost ready to purr like some great tiger, as he addressed his advisers.

Nyurba shot them with his reloaded PRI. Using duct tape, they fixed the rudders to hold that course. They shoved the throttles forward and taped them there. Before the Skat - horribly noisy outside - could gain speed, they jumped overboard. The Kremlin was very hard hit by the twin electromagnetic pulses. And the artificial midnight deadline, meant to squeeze Moscow, was also putting a squeeze on him. vauxhall meriva workshop manual 2018 service manual volvo 460 rus Aquila could see that his sandals were as soft and well made as the voice, that his damp hair had been cut and combed so that the curls neatly fringed his forehead. Best to bring the creatures in from Africa. It was not fear that made him withdraw, more the natural embarrassment of a poor youth in too close proximity to one who was clearly the opposite. It was impossible not to look on such a person and not feel inadequate, with his own messy hair, greasy leather cap and homespun clothes. Aquila decided he liked the idea, and reckoned he could take him, even as he put the notion aside, knowing that even to raise his fist could see him flogged. Aquila made no attempt to hide the contempt in his eyes, remembering the elevated Marcellus Falerius better than the other man knew. As soon as they feel threatened they retire to their forts, which we lack the ability to take, and if we do decide to invest them, then all the tribes gather to oppose us.

Let the beast suffer as poor Remy suffered. The cypress grove they were gliding through was thick with moss and silence. The living things had gone quiet, with one exception. land rover range rover sport owners manual manuals for great plains accounting Instead, she ran up to one of the highest levels of the building. There she evacuated a group of loyal Dauntless - including Tobias - to a fire escape the Dauntless traitors had not sealed off. Those loyal Dauntless gathered in the lobby and split into four groups that stormed the stairwells simultaneously, surrounding the Dauntless traitors, who had clustered around the elevator banks. They thought everyone but the Divergent was unconscious, so they ran. A metal disc about the size of my pinkie fingernail is pressed against my skin. Surrounding it is a patch of blue strands, like someone injected blue dye into the tiny veins just beneath the surface of my skin. Jeffrey welcomed his temporary sense of solitude within the mob - this came easily to a submariner, who lived in a cramped and crowded world and needed to make his own privacy, internally, wherever he was. Tuxedoed waiters circulated smoothly through the hundreds of guests, offering tidbits of snacks on silver trays. The offerings were meager, compared to all the events the hotel had hosted over the years, because of wartime austerity. Now his stomach rumbled, not that anyone else would notice in this din. As a waiter passed, he grabbed a bite to eat - a cracker with cheese spread.

Two sets of numbers, preceded by a two digit number. But the first of the two was gone, then the last. He looked hard at the next two numbers: 446. aprilia sr50 service repair workshop manual 1999 onwards hotel orientation manual When they landed as Ostia the litter in which she was to travel was brought aboard so that no one on shore should see her and they had travelled incognito to this villa, where she had given birth on this very floor on which she now paced to and fro. So much for the pride of the Lady Claudia Cornelia. Perhaps the charm she had placed round his foot was too valuable, but it was the only thing she had had that might save him, a talisman she had taken from his father the better to remember Brennos. That Celtic goldsmith had been clever, the replica he had made so perfect that had she not switched them directly, she could never have been sure she had the original. And Brennos had never noticed, even when he fingered the replacement around his neck. But then Claudia knew she had been exhausted, and could not be sure that what she had been vouchsafed were genuine visions, instead of hallucinations. The explosions behind him would not last long. Spinks kept running, hard as he could, gaining a precious yard with each step, arms beating the air. Yet more misfortune befell him when the clip holding his trousers together snapped and they started to slip.

Several spirals up, the young soldier saw the gathering green death. He hauled himself up the stairs. Large enough to fit a grand piano inside, the ceiling and floor were made of gridded metal connected by struts and wire-mesh walls. It had become a race for personal survival. suzuki vs 800 intruder service repair manual download Panasonic Standard Inverter air conditioner provides a long airflow with big bottom flap and directs the cool air across the room. The new Eco Mode with A.I. technology intelligently balance energy savings and … clinical assessment of nutritional status a working manual The noise, the clash of weapons, the sight and smell of blood. That after his wedding, if he did call, she would find another way of arousing him, just as she would contrive to avoid a real entanglement. Gallus was short and rather squat, his face puffy and his eyes seemed watery, as if he had done without sleep. Stratton closed the doors and moved the bus on its way. Brennan was aware someone had arrived close by and glanced back.


He heard screams and rolled onto his back. Hirad and Ras were both above him, looking towards the enemy. There was a distinct clicking sound like the unlatching of many doors. Light ripped through bodies, obliterating people, punching holes in torsos and tearing horses apart. He pushed Hirad off him, got to his feet and snapped his sword from its clasps. To Salim it seemed a step too far. You asked to be informed of all such incidents immediately. How much was the usurping vizier paying them for their loyalty. Helpless, he was swung round to face his attacker. I had not looked to see you so soon in Samarkand.

That everyone in the family envied Ritaestelle because she controlled the money. But this all fits with what I observed when I met the family while Ritaestelle was in the hospital. My question is, why was I writing this stuff. Guess they were monitoring her the whole time I was talking to her. But I had a feeling Muriel would be more than happy to fill Tom and me in when we visited the mansion for our own interviews. jeep cj 1945 70 chilton total car care series manual It was a small club with wood paneling on the walls and big leather chairs around polished oak tables. I took a table in back and polished off a thick sirloin with a baked potato. I drank scotch first and brandy afterward and smoked a few cigarettes. It was easy to become wrapped up in the new job and forget all about the real purpose, especially easy because I liked myself better as William Maynard, bright young salesman with Black Sand Syndications. It could have been a brother or something. Or her father, or her boyfriend, really, it could have been anything. Some people were just nervous around cops. Fat boy over there probably needs help collecting money. She might have been eastern European, but so was half the Valley.

Babur saw Wazir Khan standing near the entrance to the tent, his expression as nonplussed as Babur knew his own must be. Still seated decorously behind the screen, Khanzada had allowed her jaw to drop in frank amazement while Esan Dawlat and Kutlugh Nigar were gazing fixedly ahead, as if too well bred to notice such bizarre happenings. The women stepped back from her and began to sing, clap and stamp, beating out the rhythm with their hands and feet. Babur realised that the men had drawn right back against the walls of the tent and that the women had formed a human barrier around the bride so that she was visible only to him and to her father. That was part of the battle plan David had devised. Three of his cruisers opened fire on two of the Klin disk-shaped ships, yet as the concentrated balls of blue-white electricity struck the hulls, they simply shimmered, and the space around the ships was filled with thousands of flashing stars of light. His ships held their ground, absorbing the brunt of the attack relatively unscathed. This was the culmination of a quest that had been eating Mohr alive for many weeks. The interval for possible success was exceedingly narrow, measured in a handful of hours, with no margin at all for mistakes.

Corso breathed out, as if he were about to laugh, astounded. These books were three and a half centuries old. Their printer had lost his life over them. suzuki sv 650 1999 2009 service repair manual download How long have you been growing that thing, by the way. He caught some virus or other and his fur fell out. He looked a bit like that just before he died. Or if you were too little and gormless even then. 2016 oldsmobile alero repair manual They could not see Miirt sprinting up behind them and the fire from their fellows nearer the vydosphere was tracking Ghaal. The blade flickered past his left shoulder and embedded in the arm of the leftmost enemy.

It seemed to me that it was full of horrible beasts and that it was interminable, while here it is charming. One can feel the caressing breezes, and I know that Sevres is on the other side. The carriage rolled on toward the Arc de Triomphe and joined the stream of carriages returning home. polaris xpress 400 1996 1998 factory service work shop manual download His partners backed him up, shouldering the uncharged hose. Another hose team wearing simple Nomex - seeming now so vulnerable in comparison - started spraying them with water. In infrared he watched the huge fans and motors, piping, ducting, cables, all sheathed in leaping flame. The steel of the bulkheads, the deck, the overhead were warped and bulging - even through his protective gear the heat drove him to the floor. He led the others forward, crawling on their bellies, sloshing through the filmy foam. The burning sheet metal was bright white in his visors. haverland rc m repair service manual user guides Then again, it could have been the fact that she was alone for a solid ten minutes with a tall, muscular man whose mocha-colored skin made the gray of his eyes shine like silver in the sun. Put him in the trunk on purpose. So she stuffs him in her trunk … why. If she was so worried about getting caught, why stop at all.

In just a few years it had grown from a little-known gang of fanatics into a membership of tens of thousands and control of almost half the country. Sabarak and Jerab talked like business associates. They said nothing specific but the inference was quite clear to the British intelligence translator. honda cb 110 manual My uncle had put him on my tail again. Reyes had escaped, and I was the obvious path of least resistance to find him. I turned and stalked away, refusing to look back when he laughed out loud. He could tell Uncle Bob no once in a while. howard rotavator manual hr10 His fingerprints were scanned in a second but the doors remained open. A second later the doors closed and the elevator descended.

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The other had a bleeding cut above his left eye. The guards had clearly not been quick enough to prevent a clash between the two. Halting them a few yards in front of Salim, a guard struck them behind the knees with the flat of his sword, sending both sprawling face down to the ground. Then two more guards stood over them, feet resting in the smalls of their backs in case either should think of trying to get up. Salim stared down at the stocky, broad-shouldered figure. suzuki samurai manual transmission There are factions are Court who would not look kindly on the ennobling of one with human blood. The Emerald faction is a power in the land now. I am not without friends or gold. I can assure you it in no way impairs his efficiency. the johns hopkins manual of gynaecology and obstetrics It was reassuring to feel trusted and needed in a time like this. Resolution firmed in his heart that he would not let them down while breath was still in him.

He heard a murmuring all around him. What mattered was that they should all hear his words. definitely naughty leigh jo, panasonic cs me7dkeg cs me10dd3eg conditioner service manual, 50 ways to wear a scarf lauren friedman, das stoffwechsel abc german edition, early persian lexicography baevskii solomon i killian n, hyundai hdf15 5 hdf18 5 forklift truck service repair workshop manual download, scania 112 owners manual The Garonin have tried to get to me twice now. The others fell into step with him. And for another, there was never going to be a line of doors, was there. All the time we delay, the Garonin are slaughtering our people. jvc gz mg645 repair service manual user guides The men were released to eat or use the head a few at a time. Far enough from land to have a clear conscience, Beck ordered deep-capable Sea Lion nuclear torpedo warheads armed, ready for anything. But within her design envelope, going deep meant greater sanctuary for any sub that craved the defensive, wanting to hide.

The door hit with a loud thud, and the knife clattered down the steps. He was irritable all of a sudden. jaguar s type workshop repair service manual Then we Zhids could finally have peace. With the Arabs gone, how long would it take for the Jews to chew each other up. What was the joke-a Jew had to have two synagogues. webasto 2016 installation manual After a quick cup of coffee on Main Street I presented myself to Murray Rogers for inspection. We took an elevator downstairs and Murray introduced me to Carver. He was a hefty man, bald on top, with innocent blue eyes and a firm jaw. His handshake was strictly dead-fish but his eyes took me in quickly.

Akbar was chatting to his milk-brother as if they were merely going hunting. Humayun could see Bairam Khan in one of their howdahs, accoutred in Persian court fashion. For a moment Humayun reflected on some of the other humbler people who had played a part in his story. Then, pulling himself back to the present, Humayun spoke. As they got underway towards the tall sandstone gateway half a mile ahead of them, the phalanxes of drummers and trumpeters immediately behind the banner bearers began to play, quietly at first and then with increasing vigour as they approached the thronging crowds whom ranks of soldiers had kept back from the camp but who now lined the ceremonial pathway to the gate, which they had strewn with palm branches and even flower petals. He had recovered the Moghul throne. cisco power system repair service manual user guides Beyond those bushes the ground drops away to a cliff, above a river. His father came from Spain when he was twelve. Living life as a young person should. I think there is more to it than that. She majored in some political subject. She also believes in him and the struggle. 2007 ford f15manual The wisdom in a developing situation is to strike quickly. The decision he had to make was about the bomb. There was a panic sequence on the three arming buttons.

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The old order would be swept away if it did not adjust to that new reality. Or unless it did something dark and deadly. Statues to famous Terrarchs stood proudly at every junction and over every fountain. Many clasped ever burning lights in their hands or had them mounted on their crowns or the blades of their swords. By daylight they were merely dull gems but by night they would emit their soft sorcerous glow. By the sixth hairpin he was only a matter of feet behind the Aston. He had to shout to make himself heard above the sound of an engine at maximum revolutions in bottom gear. wireless communications and networks stallings solution manual He stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray and, adjusting his crooked glasses, set to work. Trained as an apprentice in Leyden (Holland), at the workshop of the Elzevirs. On his return to Venice he completed a series of works on philosophical and esoteric themes in small formats (12mo, 16mo), which were highly esteemed.

I opened my eyes and found the church in complete darkness, except for the solitary candle that illuminated the image of the Virgin. My hand reached out for his and found it. Now it was his heart that was beating faster-I could almost hear it in the silence. The adolescent girl who had said "yes" to her destiny. The woman who had agreed to carry the son of God in Her womb and the love of God in Her heart. That visitor must have taken all day to get there and back. If she came from Kaustin, that is. All we know for a fact is that Verhaven was visited by a woman calling herself Anna Schmidt on June fifth, 1992. Then we say the reason was that she wanted to tell Verhaven who the real murderer was. Then we assume she lives in Kaustin…. john deere repair manuals 2015 Whomever Uncle Bob had assigned to follow me was about to have a very bad day. Surely someone will suspect you might get in touch with me. Maybe she summoned something else accidently, something evil. I ground my teeth together and looked up at a grinning departed gangbanger with more attitude than was socially acceptable.

Listless, sluggish, he generally found himself trying to sustain interest and energy by ingesting generous amounts of Snickers and Diet Pepsi. Stranded at his desk, the sunny day having been replaced by a gray, oppressive one, Jeff worked through his papers with a mixture of anxiety and depression. As if he had been drunk last night, he had spent a fourth of this day trying to reconstruct memories that seemed impossible to connect. How was I supposed to take care of Jenny. Taken away all of your memories. Or at least give it the old college try. Probably not as much as I should. I go walking around the grounds every day. Who was I to suggest a house on a beach in Hawaii. But I needed to get her opinion on the matter. lg l1510s repair service manual user guides The two men were neither fazed nor panicked by what they had done. They walked calmly back to their car, climbed in, and drove slowly away. He looked up once it had gone quiet to see that they were alone. He stood up, climbed over the seat, and looked at his mother. He took hold of her leg and shook it. Josh wrapped his arms around her and continued to sob heavily and inconsolably.